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Aay Liparoto [ 1987°, USA ]

Multidisciplinary artist Aay Liparoto (1987°, New Jersey, USA) traverses the boundaries of intimacy and bureaucracy. Seeking tenderness with your identity card and the bureaucracy implicit in your friendships. The work touches on stories of everyday relationships with objects, people and social structures, whose power can be rendered invisible by daily interaction. Each governed by layers of laws, nostalgia and social history.

In their solo and collaborative practice Liparoto uses repetitive performative acts and creates scenarios along with workshops, videos and text to audiovisually unpick these everyday life relationships. Their methodology began with the 9 month long daily performance project Andrew has His Period (2014) and Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior (2016) a seductive reflection on normative gender performance. Evolving further on a road trip across the USA with their mirror image to understand the nature of collaboration in We were Fools for Thinking it was going to be Fun (2019). Then in all bodies welcome| no bodies welcome (2020), they question the need for queer bodies to consent online with the an immersive co-written choral installation created in collaboration with HOT BODIES – Choir Brussels.

They are currently touring Small Acts of Violence a cinematic VR work about the perpetration of non-consensual violence by women, non-binary and non-cis men in intimate relationships. Small Acts of Violence premièred as a solo show ARGOS centre for audio visual arts in September–December 2023 as part of C0N10UR Biennale.

They live and work in Belgium.
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