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Not Found On will be online and building slowly from May 2019


Not Found On’s aim is to be a co-written and incomplete non-standardised english language collective knowledge network for feminist, queer and intersectionally focused artistic and social projects plus the spaces that support them. With a specific focus on strategies of expression, self organisation and radical self care.


This a peer sharing resource is being created using open source tools, and designed and written with, for and by queer feminist bodies. Putting the subjective experience of the body at the centre of knowledge creation. Working with text, images, audio and video as valid knowledge entries. Embracing that knowledge is not neutral .

If you are interested in the project please get in touch with via

“my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.”

- Flavia Dzodan


'queering: non-identitary, non-essentialist, non-fixed lives, trans*feminist approaches // intersectional, not-only-human, antinormative, affirmative'


- Queering the Damage at Alchorisma @ Hangar Barcelona by Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha and Laura Benítez, oct 2018.

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