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Not Proud Yet [Part I-III]

Not Proud Yet [Part I: The dangerous effects of loosening sexual values]

Not Proud Yet [Part II: 1987 Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool]

Not Proud Yet [Part III: Not My Cup of Tea]

'Together’ @ M HKA, Antwerp Aug 7th - September 6, 2020

These appealingly grotesque mouldy remains of tea form a fragmented story of Section 28:  An act which made it illegal for local governments in the United Kingdom to ‘promote homosexuality’. It was incited in 1987 and only fully abolished in 2005. This was the first anti-gay law created in the UK in 100 years, galvanised out of moral panic that effected a whole generations access to education and support. What is the embodied experience of state sanctioned homophobia? What are the new fears of moral corruption and new acts of political silencing?




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