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Small Acts Of Violence

Cinematic Virtual Reality Installation, 2023, Produced by  argos centre for audiovisual arts 

25 mins, Colour, English spoken, Dutch subtitles


Exhibition Opening Small Acts Of Violence,  argos centre for audiovisual arts  6 September — 23 December 2023,

We are all in need of love and care. But what happens when those who love and care for us are also physically or verbally violent? What happens when we are the violent ones? Out of this, how can you evolve a sense of safety?

Small Acts of Violence is a surreal cinematic 360° experience concerning the entanglement of love and non-consensual physical violence and self-harm in intimate/ family relationships. The work is built from testimonies of women, non-binary, non- cis male perpetrators of domestic violence from Belgium and the United Kingdom, alongside repetitive, intimate performances of a fictional family. The experience seeks to expand our conception of domestic violence as the fragmented narratives traverse intergenerational trauma, sexuality, fear and shame beyond simplistic assumptions of the victim and perpetrator binary. The experience itself is fucking beautiful, gross, sexual, rancid and tender, asking: What are the actions we take in the name of love? What violence do we, in hindsight, blame on love?


writer & director : AAY LIPAROTO  produced by : ARGOS CENTRE OF AUDIOVISUAL ARTS co-production C0N10UR AND V2_ LAB FOR THE UNSTABLE MEDIA ROTTERDAM  supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) 



Featuring: Matilda Cobanli, Marie Diaby, Jihan Imago, Kaori Ishiguro, Hazel Lam, Charlotte Nagel, Lucia Palladino Voiceover: Conway McDermott


Assistant to the director: Suzanne Cleerdin Music by:  LUCIJA GREGOV Sound designer:  Kwinten Van Laethem 

Costume Designer: Sofie Durnez  3D Illustration Designer - Loulou João.  XR studio - Poolpio 

WOMEN, GIRLs, LADIES, BOIs and DYKEs…... do you communicate through violent acts?
Lets here for information about ongoing interviews <3

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