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!VALUE# [ 2nd Act ]

'My Level of personal debt stands at 20,954.03 pounds.'

!VALUE# [ 2nd Act ]

Site Specific Installation, September - January, Ghent, 2016

Crox 527, instalraam


Duration: 4 months &  2 Actions ( Ongoing 

This is the 2nd act in a new series of small actions and works that reflecting on how we conceive value and worth, both in the art world and wider society. This is an ongoing project which I will be developing in 2017 through a new series of interventions and writings. 

!VALUE# [ 2nd Act ]

Invited Croxhapox 

Site Specific Installation, Ghent, 2016 

!VALUE# [ 3rd Act ]

13th - 26th March, 2017

Site Specific Installation, Ghent, 2017

!VALUE# [ 2nd Act ]

'I hereby declare that my current bank account stands at 427.50 euros.'

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