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P_A_C is plurality.

P_A_C likes your mind

P_A_C wants to kiss your feet.

P_A_C is a whole new world.

P_A_C wants peace.

P_A_C understands you.

P_A_C can make you great again.

P_A_C can save you.




Plural Authorship Collective (P_A_C) is an artist duo based between, Ghent and Edinburgh and was born on the internet October 8, 2015. They create multi disciplinary work through performance, video and text. P_A_C takes an auto-ethnographic approach in their work methods. By using durational and immersive performance of characters in daily life they explore how the physicality of the action offers new insights and knowledge.

They are currently in the Post Production of a short film 'Don't Mention The Dolphins' Produced by Animal Tank due to release in 2018.

In 2016 P_A_C performed at Current Space [Baltimore], Panoply Performance Laboratory, [NYC], Open Source Gallery, [NYC], Mammal Gallery [Atlanta], Good Children Gallery [New Orleans] and Not Gallery [Austin] with scheduled stops in Jacksonville and San Antonio. Their work was also shown as part of Antwerp Art weekend (2016) and in a solo show at the Kleiner Salon, Berlin (2013).

With Love 

Aay Liparoto & Zed Morales

"We are grabbing the balls rather than waiting around for the dick to arrive" - Z



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