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Plural Authorship Collective =

(Aay Liparoto & Zed Morales)  

We Were Fools for Thinking it was Going to Be Fun 

Film, 16'20", 2019

The film follows the turbulent road trip of the artists Aay and Zed, as they tour a new performance piece across America. They capture the daily joys and tensions of their friendship and collaboration through the lenses of their phones as they struggle to live up to their mantras of feminist empowerment. Dressed in matching outfits there is no escape from each other or from the expectations they set for themselves as artists. Their delusional optimism soon fades as they are faced with each other’s insecurities and have to fight to stay connected.


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PLURAL AUTHORSHIP COLLECTIVE (P_A_C) is an artist duo based between, Brussels and Edinburgh and was born on the internet October 8, 2015. They create multi disciplinary work through performance, video and text. P_A_C takes an auto-ethnographic approach in their work methods. By using durational and immersive performance of characters in daily life they explore how the physicality of the action offers new insights and knowledge. Plural Authorship Collective is comprised of Aay LIPAROTO (1987, USA) & Zed MORALES (1986, NIC). In 2016 P_A_C performed ‘I Want to Agree With You But You Are Making it Really Hard For Me’ (2016) at Current Space [Baltimore], Panoply Performance Laboratory, [NYC], Open Source Gallery, [NYC], Mammal Gallery [Atlanta], Good Children Gallery [New Orleans] and Not Gallery [Austin]. Their installation and video work was also shown as part of Lucky, nGbK Gallery, Berlin 2018, Antwerp Art weekend (2016) and in a solo show at the Kleiner Salon, Berlin (2013). They completed  their first co-directed short film We were Fools For Thinking It Was Going to be Fun in 2019 with the production of Animal Tank and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. They both maintain solo practices.


WHO WORE IT BEST hashtagluckybitches 

Installation metal, textile & 7’ Video, 'LUCKY' NGBK Gallery, Berlin, 2018 

P_A_C wore matching outfits for 91 days as part of a research into how one’s mirror image influences one’s performance of self. In the work Who Wore It Best Hashtagluckybitches, P_A_C acknowledges their personal position as white, female and privileged consumers and via fragmented woven narratives they  address the rich relationships of the materiality. Installed at NGBK gallery July-September 2018, Curated by Coven Berlin.


'I hate you this morning but not as much as I hate myself.'


Day 65 -  Montgomery  Alabama, Motel 6, 2016

‘I Want to Agree With You But You Are Making it Really Hard For Me’


Plural Authorship Collective (A. Liparoto & Z. Morales) Performance based research, USA, 2016


Duration: 91 days 

“....I want to agree with you but you are making it really hard for me” is a text-based performative work, initiated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean as P_A_C sailed from Rome to the U.S. The text is formed as part of a performative journey, a satirical starting point reacting on the construction of selves through the ideas of ancestry, gender and notions of identity. Creating an mirror to each others image. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 13.25.25.png
Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.51.13.png

'I Want to Agree With You But You Are Making it Really Hard For Me'

Performance image, 2016 @ Not Gallery, Austin

***Performance Tour : USA 2016.***



Current Space, Baltimore

Panoply Performance Laboratory, NYC

Open Source Gallery, NYC

Mammal Gallery, Atlanta

Good Children Gallery, New Orleans

Not Gallery, Austin 


'I Want to Agree With You But You Are Making it Really Hard For Me'

Performance 2016 @ Good Children Gallery, New Orleans

'I Want to Agree With You But You Are Making it Really Hard For Me'


Performances 2016 @  Panoply Performance Laboratory, NYC


Anchor 1



Plural Authorship Collective presents: Identity Bullshit 

2 screen video @ Antwerp Art Weekend, Soft Focus Institute, Antwerp, BE, 2016

Plural Authorship Collective presents: Identity Bullshit’ is the first satirical reaection in video of their recent journey to the America’s by boat, on a search for understanding what it means to be white female artist born on the America’s, a landmass that neither call home. 

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